Alisson Warm Up Routine

See below Liverpool FC's Alisson Becker's Warm Up ahead of their 3-2 win over Newcastle United at St. James Park in the 2018/19 season.

An Introduction

The game came on the 4th May 2019, where it was a vital game for Liverpool who were pushing to try and clinch the Premier League title. A late winner from Divock Origi sent Jurgen Klopp's men back to the top of the table going into the last few games, and boosted motivation ahead of a monumental tie against Barcelona at Anfield just days later, where the Reds beat the European giant by four goals to nil to send them to the UEFA Champions League Final in Madrid.

Alisson Becker was warmed up by Head Goalkeeper Coach, John Achterberg,  and Assistant Goalkeeper Coach, Jack Robinson. Both bring a wealth of experience to Klopp's backroom staff, with Achterberg previously playing over 250 games for Tranmere Rovers, as well as being a goalkeeper coach for the whites, and Robinson, who was a former coach of England National Team U15-U17 GK's, as well as spells with Manchester United, Crystal Palace and Leeds United.

Pre-Match Warm Up

- Hand Activation: Hand Activation including getting a feel for the ball. This consists of stretching with the ball, from 'Figure of 8's' and 'Alternate Hands'.

- Static Stretching: Static Stretching without a ball loosens muscles and increases flexibility levels ahead of performance. Included in this is targeting muscle groups which will be used the most within a fixture - from quadriceps, hamstrings and more.

- Dynamic Stretching: Dynamic Stretching includes moving stretches where the stretching positions are not held. For Alisson, this included arm rotation stretches, 'open and close the gate', side kicks and vertical kicks as well as small sharp side steps.

- Short-Distance Passing and Clips: They start with some passing to each other from the corners of the 18 yard box, receiving the ball from one side and playing it first time out to the other side. This then generates more power where the goalkeeper must shift the ball from one foot to the other to play it across their body and pass the ball. The distance is then increased in width for the ball across to become a more clipped pass, as if it was replicating a game scenario where the goalkeeper was played a ball by the left back or left centre half and was switching it out to the right back, or vice versa. Range of distribution including throws and side volleys too.

Hand Warm-Up: 10 x Volleys from the 6 yard box directly into the goalkeeper's hands at head height. Then variate for the goalkeeper to move across the goal line and catch volleys at the same height in the corners, 5 on each side.

- Diving Activation: 4 balls are lined up across the edge of the 6 yard box. There will be a low dive into one corner and corners will alternate across the four balls.

- Match Scenarios: The goalkeepers then move into Match Scenarios which they are likely to come across in the game and will replicate that as closely as possible. There will be 5 dipping volleys from the edge of the box, where the ball bounces just in front of the goalkeeper to make it awkward to catch. There will then be angled strikes for the goalkeeper to make a save - including some from the corner of each side of the box and some central strikes. Finally, there will be some crosses - with multiple coming from the corner flag and multiple coming from deep positions. 

- Movement across the goal: To finish, Alisson will move across the goal and face an angled shot from both sides. This is to replicate what may happen in a game where an overhit cross is met by an attacker at the far post.

- Substitute Goalkeeper Shooting Practice: As Alisson, who started the match, is in the changing rooms doing his final preparations, the substitute goalkeeper, in this case Simon Mignolet, will face the shots coming in as the ten outfield players do their last minute buildup to the first whistle.


Alisson mostly sticks to a similar matchday routine, which is productive for him to know how to get ready for a game where the spotlight often shines on him to keep Liverpool in the game.

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