Manuel Neuer Warm Up Routine

See below Bayern Munich's Manuel Neuer's Warm Up ahead of their 2-0 win over VfL Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga in the 2019/20 season.

An Introduction

The game came just before Christmas in 2019, before the World was wiped out by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was another big game for Bayern in front of a packed out Allianz Arena, as Munich pushed for another league title and various other major honours.

Come the end of the season, Neuer became only the second Bayern captain to win the treble after Philipp Lahm in 2013. In a COVID affected season, the side won the Bundesliga, 13 points clear of second place Borussia Dortmund. Despite missing out in the DFB SuperCup Final, they claimed the DFB Pokal Trophy, as well as winning the most prestigious award in club football - the Champions League. Neuer was a key player in the final - held at the stadium of Benfica, the man between the sticks kept a clean sheet and lifted the trophy - although in front of no fans.

Manuel Neuer was warmed up by Head Goalkeeper Coach, Toni Tapalovic. Tapalovic bring a wealth of experience to the goalkeeping department in Germany - with him previously playing for Schalke 04 and Mainz 05. He joined Bayern in 2011 and remained there until 2023. Also warming up on the day was fellow goalkeeper, Sven Ulreich. Sven has played for Bayern for almost his entire career, apart from a brief stint at Hamburger SV the season following their treble triumph.

Pre-Match Warm Up

Body Activation: Neuer starts his warm up by jogging straight out of the tunnel and starting with his body activation - from side steps to sharp side shuffles and general jogging.

- Dynamic Stretching: He will then move into his dynamic stretching to loosen areas of the body ahead of performance - from 'open and close the gate', heel flicks, high knees, vertical and sideways kick outs and arm rotations.

- Static Stretching: Static Stretching then got blood flow to working muscles - from static lunges, side lunges, knee to back, and legs directly out in front with his back arched over touching his toes to increase flexibility levels.

- Handling Activation: 10 volleys are hit straight in from the six yard box at Neuer, at around head height for handling purposes. He will then receive scoop pick ups from the penalty spot to get used to the surface.

- Diving Activation: There will then be five dives each side. The German goalkeeper will stand centrally in the goal and spring off for a low dive which covers past the postal zone. It is evidently noticeable that Neuer is on his toes ready to spring off at all times. He will then recieve half volleys from the edge of the box which is for him to dive on and collect fairly easily.

- Match Scenarios: He will then look more to build up with match scenarios, starting with 5 crosses from central areas. There will be minimal pressure on the goalkeeper however just a distraction from the goalkeeper coach. There will then be 5 dipping volleys from the edge of the box from angled zones.

- Passing and Distribution: There will be minimal passing and kicking but most of the distribution is 18 yard passes along the floor and clipping, as if towards a left back and right back, which suits how Bayern Munich try and play their football.

- Shot Stopping and Reactions: Neuer will set up his own shot stopping drills. He starts with rolling the ball out and moves across his goal to then deal with a strike from the penalty spot. He will then roll the ball from central areas and take the strike in for 1v1 scenarios, where he must make the decision to wait or to commit.


Neuer sticks to a similar matchday routine and stays very focused and match ready throughout, with the most noticeable thing being the spring in his step and always being ready for what's to come.

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